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If you are struggling with a drug addiction, you don’t need us to tell you how difficult the chronic brain disease is. It is incredibly difficult to suffer through. The disease is not something you can overcome on your own, it is a condition that requires focused, structured, personalized, and patient professional treatment. The first thing you need to do before entering our rehab is to admit to yourself that you cannot beat this disease, and that’s okay. You wouldn’t try to overcome HIV or cancer on your own, and you shouldn’t try to overcome drug addiction either. Once you have come to terms with your condition, you will be ready to move on to detox at our drug rehab clinic in Tucson, Arizona and onward into long-term therapy and aftercare services.


After eradicating denial, you will enroll in our Tucson drug detox clinic and begin the process of overcoming physical withdrawal. As your body gets rid of harmful chemicals that are keeping you dependent on your drug of choice, you will go through some unpleasant symptoms. This doesn’t last very long, but it can feel like forever. That’s why you need professionals to manage your detox and monitor you at all times. With the proper support, supervision, and guidance, you can overcome these first few hurdles and move on to long-term therapy and group counseling.


Once the first stage of detox is over, you will begin therapy at our Tucson addiction treatment center. You will start by meeting with a personal counselor. With this therapist, you will work towards healing by venting your struggles, sharing your story, receiving professional advice, and creating a customized addiction recovery plan that will be based upon your unique needs and will inform the rest of your treatment. This will include dual diagnosis screening. To fully treat your addiction, you will need to treat any underlying disorders that comprise a dual diagnosis. Once the root cause is uncovered, you will be much more focused in what you need to do to overcome this unfortunate condition.


Group therapy is next. Professional assistance, though extremely valuable, cannot make up the whole treatment. You need to share your challenges and worries with people who physically and mentally know what you’re going through. Together, you will work on helping each other avoid triggers and cravings with insightful advice and helpful tips. Not only will the content of these sessions stay with you for years to come, the bonds and friendships that are cultivated may as well.


Finally, when you go leave our substance abuse treatment facility in Tucson, Arizona, you will leave with the sum of your unique and personalized addiction treatment program. You will never be without the support you need, the guidance you require, and the love you deserve. When you come to our rehab, you become part of an extended family, a network of people who are caring and willing to help when you need it the most. Come see what this feels like, call us today. You will be glad you did.