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Addiction recovery is a lifelong process that requires dedication to rehabilitation and a support system for individuals to lean on when stress turns to temptation. At our rehabilitation center, we are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive community conducive to the process of rehabilitation. Our drug rehab centers across the country are renowned for their dedication to providing recovery treatment in a safe and open environment.


At our addiction recovery center in Port St. Lucie, Florida, we create personalized recovery plans for each of our clients to ensure every individual receives the personal attention and care they need to succeed. From detoxification through aftercare, we help our clients break free from addiction and make permanent changes in their lifestyle.


When new clients arrive at our substance abuse treatment facility, we welcome them with individualized evaluations in order to begin developing a unique treatment plan that will help them succeed. One of the first steps in our addiction recovery program is undergoing a supervised detoxification. The detox process involves abstaining from controlled substances in order to rid the body of these substances, so patients can begin anew.


For some individuals, especially those with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, may experience symptoms of withdrawal during detox. Our staff monitors clients through this process from the safety and comfort of our drug detox clinic. Supervised detoxification is a safer, more comfortable, and typically more effective technique than attempting to go cold turkey.


Individual therapy within our addiction treatment center is an important part of the rehabilitation process. We strive to match clients with therapists they can trust, so clients feel free to open up within these sessions. Our staff believe in the importance of dual diagnosis – that is, diagnosing co-occurring mental and behavioral disorders in conjunction with addiction. It is not uncommon for addiction to arise as a coping mechanism for other types of mental disorders, and in order to successfully treat addiction, it is necessary to also treat any co-occurring issues. Another reason dual diagnosis is important is that certain mental disorders can develop as a result of long-term drug abuse, and the way in which these concerns are related is important in ensuring long-term recovery.


Support is also an important factor in rehabilitation, so not only do we attempt to create a supportive environment in therapy sessions and daily life, we also incorporate group therapy into every client’s rehabilitation plan. Group therapy allows clients to develop trust, and the group setting allows individuals sharing similar experiences to communicate with one another. It also establishes the foundation for the importance of having strong support systems upon leaving our drug rehab facility.


Clients who successfully complete our program may leave our addiction recovery facility feeling worried about returning to their former lives. Our trained staff work hard to connect clients with aftercare options that help reinforce good habits and maintain strong support systems. Transitional housing is a beneficial first step in the aftercare process because individuals are surrounded by others struggling with the same temptations. Once home, we encourage clients to continue individual therapy and join support groups since lifelong recovery requires a lifetime of effort.


Recovering from addiction can be a long and difficult journey, but the compassionate staff members are ready to help. Our addiction treatment facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida is dedicated to providing a combination of individualized care and compassionate support to maximize success for each of our clients. Our focus on dual diagnosis sets us apart from other recovery centers as we focus on identifying the underlying causes of addiction to better treat substance abuse for a lifetime.