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Our Addiction Recovery Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota– Professional Treatment for your Addiction

The goal of a substance abuse treatment facility is to return clients to functioning at home and in the community. According to statistics of tracked men and women who receive treatment from drug rehab centers, most have stopped abusing drugs and have improved their lives. The Meadows Behavioral drug rehab facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota allows clients to manage their addiction successfully so that they can overcome their addiction and become fully functioning members of society after they leave.


Addiction can be managed successfully when the affected person commits themselves fully to the addiction recovery program. Receiving the proper treatment enables the user to counteract the powerful addiction that affects their brain and behavior and to regain control of their future. Addiction is now being seen as a disease and a disease where there is not only a possibility of relapse, but that relapse is a symptom of the disorder. Unfortunately, many people see relapse as a failure and decide that they do not need to go back to rehab. But relapse is not a failure on their part. Addiction recovery depends on the continual evaluation of the person and ongoing care from an addiction recovery program that works to prepare a person for life without drugs.


The proper addiction treatment facility will offer clients a safe and comfortable space to go through the rehabilitation process with no judgments. Many clients find that by distancing themselves from the temptations of drugs and alcohol that they can finally move on with their lives without the crutch of drug use. Statistics have shown that relapse is more likely to occur when the client tries to stop using drugs on their own. Without someone to keep them accountable for their actions it is easier to fall back into drug use. Our drug detox clinic in Minneapolis is there for our clients so that they never have to go through the process alone.


Dual diagnosis is a large part of our Minneapolis addiction recovery center and one that is always addressed. Many clients come through rehab with other problems that may be contributing to their drug use, such as psychological or mood disorders. Unfortunately, many clients do not understand the correlation between their mental issue and their drug use and are not getting the proper treatment for either. With dual diagnosis treatment the client will receive help and assistance for every problem they are dealing with, not just the drug addiction. As the client learns different ways to cope with their issues that contribute to their addiction, they can focus on their drug addiction through rehab at our addiction recovery facility in Minneapolis.


An addiction treatment center should always supervise their clients as they are dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Since many symptoms can be painful so supervision is also necessary. This point in time is the one that is most crucial for many clients relapse because they are physically sick as the drugs leave their system. A drug rehab center will always staff reputable, compassionate personnel who will be on call for any client who needs assistance during this time.


Therapy is also a large part of our addiction treatment facility in Minneapolis and something that every client participates in. These types of services will include personal counseling, family therapy, and group sessions with other clients of the rehab. Clients will have the choice of undergoing therapy as soon as they are part of the rehab facility or waiting until they are through detox. Other services of our addiction treatment center in Minneapolis, Minnesota will include continued aftercare for every client. Since rehab is just the first step of addiction recovery, knowing that there is help available afterward can keep the client drug-free even when they are out on their own again.


For more information about drug rehab with Meadows Behavioral, please call or stop by our drug rehab center today.