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Drug Detox Clinic

If you’re here to learn about our addiction treatment center and how it can help you or a loved one, you are already taking the first step in the recovery process. Addiction can be scary, and it can seem like an impossible feat to overcome. However, if you choose the right addiction recovery facility, you will find it much easier to get the results that you deserve. When you’re ready to fight back against your addiction, the professionals at our Meadows Behavioral Health drug detox clinic in Tigard, Oregon are here to help you.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Tigard takes a unique approach to healing and recovery from addiction. We have a long history working with addiction and our experience has taught us that not everyone needs the same addiction recovery program. With that in mind, all our clients are given an initial assessment and diagnostic evaluation, and then provided with a personalized treatment plan that gives them the best chances of success in recovery.


Your Comprehensive Drug Rehab Facility

The biggest roadblock to success for most in addiction recovery is trying to battle the addiction alone. The reality of any addiction is that there is typically an underlying issue that needs to be addressed first. By creating individualized treatment plans that get to the root of your addiction, we can help you get your life back. Plus, we provide a caring, open and honest environment with a supportive group of clients who are struggling through their own issues. Having this kind of community behind you in your recovery can make all the difference in how well you succeed.


Honesty is key in recovery; you will not get honest results if you are not able to be honest with yourself and others about what you are facing and how serious the struggle is going to be. By creating an open, community-based setting for recovery in our Tigard addiction recovery facility, we allow everyone to get real and get a hold on their addiction, no matter what it stems from or how severe it may be. We provide an array of services and solutions for our clients, all focused on taking an honest ownership of their situation to get the best outcome.


Services Available at Our Drug Rehab Centers

We have spent years working with clients who struggle with addiction, which is why we have developed the programs and services available at our addiction recovery center in Tigard. By offering an array of solutions, we can help everyone get the best recovery program, no matter what their needs might be. We offer full assessments upon arrival, allowing us and our clients to discuss their specific needs and how our services might benefit them.


In addition, we also provide individual and group therapy sessions and services. Therapy is a big part of recovery, but everyone benefits from it differently. By offering group and individual sessions, we will help you face your addiction and give you a support network of people who can help you and make you feel like you are not alone in your struggle. Dual-diagnosis mental health treatment is another service that we provide, and one that is often overlooked by many treatment centers. In some cases, clients with addiction issues actually suffer from mental health conditions that have not been diagnosed or treated properly, thus leading them to drugs and/or alcohol to deal with whatever they may be facing. By providing a full mental health assessment, we will determine the root of the addiction and thereby get the best plan for recovery and the best odds of a successful outcome. Even if there is no mental health diagnosis present, it’s better to know that for certain when it comes to addiction and recovery.


The Bottom Line

At the Meadows Behavioral addiction treatment facility in Tigard, Oregon we understand that addiction isn’t the same for everyone recovery can’t be the same for everyone either. To discuss your needs or to see if our addiction treatment facility is right for you, contact us today.