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Making the decision to address addiction is not easy, but it’s the essential first step towards escaping from a dangerous and debilitating disorder. Our drug rehab centers are committed to providing excellent addiction recovery services to those who want to turn their lives around. Meadows Behavioral believes that our clients can reach their goal of getting clean and staying away from the habit-forming substances that threaten their future.



The Benefits of Personalized Plans


Many people who suffer from addiction share common feelings and experiences, but that doesn’t mean that the path towards healing is the same for everyone. Meadows Behavioral understands that each of our clients has a unique background with different social, professional and personal concerns. Rather than forcing clients to adapt to a rigid treatment protocols, we take the time to tailor each addiction recovery program to suit the person for whom treatment is intended.


The staff at our addiction treatment facility in Hampton, Virginia also devotes time to each client on a regular basis, so they can stay in touch with them as they progress through their program. These meetings give us the opportunity to shape treatment according to evolving needs. They also provide each client with a limited and confidential audience to discuss private concerns.



Getting Clean at Our Drug Detox Clinic


At our comprehensive addiction treatment center in Hampton, Virginia, supervised detoxification is one of the key services that we offer to clients. Trying to break away from a substance dependency by quitting cold turkey at home is one of the most difficult ways to escape from an addiction. It can also be hazardous to the victim’s mental and physical health in cases of severe dependency.


Moving to a new environment can make a huge difference in perspective and attitude, and may reduce exposure to triggers that encourage a relapse. That’s why we encourage clients to take advantage of monitored detox to get a clean shot at recovery. Staff members are on hand throughout the process to provide counseling and support if any health complications emerge.



Dual Diagnosis Treatment Policy


We believe our clients deserve to find solutions to untreated, co-occurring mental health disorders so they can pursue complete recovery. Our experienced staffers look for common warning signs of mental health concerns during sessions and interviews. Clients who may be suffering from an unaddressed health concern will be afforded the opportunity to speak with a licensed professional.



Learning and Healing Through Communication


Social group therapy sessions are a cornerstone of any kind of recovery program at our substance abuse treatment facility. All of our clients have plenty of opportunities to actively participate in these discussions, which are an open forum where everyone can talk about their concerns in a safe place. We want our addiction recovery center to be a place where every client can speak without fear of criticism, harsh judgments, or casual dismissal.


These meetings also provide the potential for making connections with other individuals, which helps each person develop a healthy sober support network for the future. Developing friendly relationships with other clients and staff members also adds a layer of personal accountability that can reinforce the motivation to seek complete recovery. Overcoming addiction isn’t just about personal recovery, it’s also about healing relationships and interactions with friends, family and others.



More About Our Addiction Recovery Facility


The process of getting over addiction can take a lot of time and effort, but the dedication pays off for those who make it to the finish line. Anyone interested in our addiction recovery services is welcome to contact us to learn more about how Meadows Behavioral helps people beat their substance dependency and move on to live enjoyable, healthy lives. Our staff will do their best to answer questions and address concerns regarding our drug rehab facility.